Drink Man CLASSIC: Beer and Softdrinks

The Drink Man CLASSIC is designed to dispense carbonated products.

Its perfect user comfort, professional look and high functionality offer all the ingredients for effective (brand) presentation. 

Unit price (net): € 799.-

Technical data

The unit has everything you need to get your message across: highly functional and robust, it combines optimally designed detail solutions for perfect, “wrinkle-free” brand advertising, guaranteeing a high recognition value.

Its perfect user comfort, professional look and high functionality offer all the ingredients for effective (brand) presentation.


The unit has a robust design, consisting of an ABS frame with an integrated high-strength mouldable expanded polypropylene (EPP) block. This provides a high degree of stability, preventing the unit from tipping over or collapsing.

  •     Weight (without liquid): 9.8 kg
  •     Height: 59 cm
  •     Width: 43 cm
  •     Depth: 34 cm
  •     Advertising area (H x W): 34 cm / 67 cm
  •     Unit price (net): € 799.–
Service unit & carrying device

The service unit and carrying frame can be separated, as it is much easier to adjust the frame to the runner’s needs when empty.

The service unit is then lowered into the frame from the top and locked in place automatically from the bottom, thus guaranteeing quick and safe operation.

EPP corpus / AFG tank

The EPP block divides the interior of the unit into four areas, which makes life a whole lot easier for the runner and service personnel, and also minimises idle time.

From left: cup chute, tank area, CO2 bottle holder and tap fitting inlet.

The Drink Man Classic is suitable for use with standardised tanks of the beverage industry. There are two different versions to choose from depending on individual requirements:

Version 1: The 11.35-litre tank is suitable for manual filling.

KEG tank

The 10-litre tank (slim KEG) is suitable for industrial filling (e.g. on a brewery filling line).

The EPP block has an additional insulating function and is also washable, thus fulfilling all necessary hygiene requirements.

Carrying frame

The carrying frame of the Drink Man Classic offers a high level of comfort and functionality. Both the height and width settings are individually adjustable to ensure a perfect fit for any body shape.

Pit stop

Swapping over to a full tank is also quick and easy to do. It doesn’t even require taking off the whole unit, as the top cover (lid) can be completely removed, allowing easy access to the mechanism inside.

The central tank area allows quick, single-handed loading and unloading of the tank. The tank can also be rotated for quicker connection to the hoses.


After refilling the unit, simply replace the lid to protect the mechanism and cups from unwanted removal and soiling.

Cup dispenser

The integrated cup dispenser takes cups up to a max. diameter of 88 mm.

4 rubber feet secure a solid stand.

Rubber membranes

Rubber membranes control the separating mechanism of the cup dispenser. These are available with various aperture sizes and can be changed as needed. They ensure secure, firm support as well as easy removal of the cups. Maximum cup diameter approx. 88 mm.

The Drink Man comes with only one membrane. Standard aperture size 60 mm.

Tap fitting

An important aid to quick, single-handed removal or adjustment of the tank is the separate, externally accessible supply line to the tap fitting. This not only avoids disruptive contact with the tank, but also prevents the line from being squashed or damaged by it.


Thanks to the firm, flat surface of the outer shell, the advertising message can be swapped as required within the space of a minute. The transparent plastic cover opens on three sides for user-friendly insertion of the advertising banner, and holds it firmly in place while protecting it from the weather.

Insulated tap fitting with compensator tap

The push-fit couplings and connections can be changed as required without the use of tools. The hose has an 8-millimetre outside diameter and a 4-millimetre inside diameter.

Aluminium CO2 bottle

The aluminium CO2 bottle has a capacity of 450 grams. Together, the gas regulator and full bottle weigh approx.1.4 kilograms.

For quick changes without tools

Stainless steel gas regulator with safety valve, pressure gauge (3 bar) and hose outlet (outer diameter 8 millimetres). Connected to CO2 bottle via a trapezoidal thread.

Save use

To guarantee perfect operation of the components and safe use, the CO2 bottle must be in a secure and upright position with the stainless steel pressure gas regulator in place.


The Drink Man Classic comes with a flag holding facility.

Flags are provided in two sizes: A4 & A5 (without the flag stick).