Drink Man VARIO 2

Coffee and tea? The Drink Man Vario2 is designed and equipped according to the requirements of hot products.


  • The Drink Man Vario 2 can only dispense non-carbonated (still) beverages/products.
  • Because the Drink Man Vario 2 has two separately operated stainless steel tanks, it is capable of dispensing two different drinks at the same time.
  • The Drink Man Vario 2 can be used for hot and cold drinks.
  • Price per unit: 699.- € (net, ex works Munich)


The smooth, flat outer cover of the Drink Man Vario 2 offers an ideal advertising surface.


The Drink Man Vario 2 has everything you need to get your message across: highly functional and robust, it combines optimally designed detail solutions for perfect, “wrinkle-free” brand advertising, guaranteeing a high recognition value.

Advertising message

Thanks to the firm, flat surface of the outer shell, the advertising message can be swapped as required within the space of a minute.

Transparent plastic cover

The transparent plastic cover opens on three sides for user-friendly insertion of the advertising banner, and holds it firmly in place while protecting it from the weather.


The tanks of the Drink Man Vario2 are much taller than they are wide. This keeps the weight very close to the carrier's vertical axis and prevents it from tipping backwards, making it much more comfortable to carry.


  • Weight (without liquid): 7.9 kg
  • Height: 74 cm
  • Width: 35 cm
  • Depth: 20 cm
  • Weight per tank: 1.8 kg
  • Filling capacity (per tank): 5.0 l
  • Advertising area (W x H): 50 x 55 cm
  • Unit price (net): 699.– €

Carrying device

Comfortable and individually adjustable carrying device

Robust mini compressor

The robust mini compressor comes with a 6V charger which recharges the compressor in 4 hours. The hose system is protected via a non-return valve.

The compressor cannot be overcharged and is therefore safe to charge overnight.

Two-part tap fitting (two separate hoses)

The use of armoured, i.e. textile-reinforced, silicone hoses allows safe dispensing of products at temperatures above 80°C degrees.

The tap head is easily removed and equipped with two dispensing taps. The taps can be separated from the hose and dismantled for quick and easy cleaning. Damaged or defective taps can be exchanged within a minute by a user-friendly procedure.

Cup dispenser

The separating mechanism of the cup dispenser is controlled by rubber membranes which are available in different aperture sizes. These can be exchanged as required and serve to hold the cups securely in place while also allowing for their easy removal. Cup dispenser with exchangeable rubber membranes in different sizes.


There is even a holder on each side for inserting flags or banners.

Flags are not provided by Cup Service GmbH.