Drink Man Vario 2

All details about the beverage backpack
Drink Man Vario 2

The Drink Man Vario 2 stands for the highest standards of insulation and safety to enable the professional serving of hot and cold drinks of all kinds.

  • Highlights
  • Promotion
  • Cup Dispenser
  • Professional bar

The “Drink Man Vario 2” rucksack

  • Two independent tanks and beverage lines enable two different beverages to be served
  • Hot and cold drinks can be served.
  • Present brand presence
  • Optimum comfort and weight distribution
  • Weight optimisation through super-light plastic tanks
  • Filling volume / tank: approx. 5.0 litres
  • Dimensions 74cm (height) x 35 cm (width) x 20cm (depth), empty weight 6.7kg
  • Price: from € 749 net

Brand presence and advertising space

  • Highly visible advertising space – approx. 90% of the visible surface for your branding
  • Crease-resistant and waterproof
  • Completely removable foil pouch for easy replacement of the advertising message
  • Simple attachment of advertising flags possible using two insertion options
  • Dimensions of the advertising space: 50cm x 55cm

Cup dispenser

  • Unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Easy cup removal thanks to separating mechanism with individually replaceable rubber membrane
  • Different hole widths allow the use of almost any cup up to a maximum diameter of 85 mm. Standard membrane 60mm

Professional bar

  • Two-part dispenser with 2 taps and insulated beverage lines
  • Mini compressor (with charger) for optimum dispensing pressure and dispensing speed
  • Quick tank change possible without tools
  • Foam coating of the tanks ensures perfect insulation
  • Easy filling of the tanks possible without tools
  • Optional service set with range of spare parts €45

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Product views

Here we show you important details of the Drink Man Vario 2 beverage backpack using product images and application examples.

Two insulated plastic tanks

can be filled independently of each other

Comfortable and individually adjustable carrying frame

Uncomplicated dispensing thanks to two taps

Durable compressor for convenient dispensing

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Here you will find quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about the use, care and benefits of your beverage backpack. Let our expert tips help you so that you are always perfectly equipped!

How do I fill the Drink Man Vario 2?

The plastic tanks each have a round opening with a screw cap through which hot or cold drinks can easily be poured.

How do I clean the Vario 2?

First remove the plastic tanks from the rucksack and clean them with cold, clear water. To clean all pipes, valves and seals, we recommend filling the stainless steel drum with a cleaning agent (e.g. TM DESANA MAX cleaning agent for dispensing systems) and 2-3 litres of water. Allow the cleaning agent to work for a few minutes. Reconnect the tap fitting to the keg and operate both taps as for conventional dispensing until the kegs are empty. If necessary, rinse again with 2-3 litres of clean water and then allow the Drink Man Vario 2 and the tap fitting to dry thoroughly.

The Drink Man Vario 2 can be dismantled into individual parts and thoroughly cleaned for intensive cleaning, for example before long periods of storage.

We will be happy to send you our detailed cleaning instructions on request.

How do I store the Drink Man Vario 2?

If you wish to store the Drink Man Vario 2 for a longer period of time, we recommend that you clean the appliance thoroughly beforehand and allow it to dry completely. Empty the kegs completely and disconnect the connection to the dispensing valve. Ideally, store the Drink Man Vario 2 away from sunlight and dust.

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