Drink Man EASY: Beer and Softdrinks

The Drink Man EASY is designed to dispense carbonated products. 

This mobile drink dispenser is designed for carbonated products. 

It boasts a light but extremely strong design, and is available in both soft drink and keg tap versions.

Its excellent carrying comfort, professional look and high functionality are just the thing for optimal brand presentation.

Unit price (net): € 749.- 


Technical data

  •     Weight (without liquid) 9,5 kg
  •     Height 60 cm
  •     Width 42 cm
  •     Depth 35 cm
  •     Unit price (net): 749,– €


The unit has everything you need to get your message across: highly functional and robust, it combines optimally designed detail solutions for perfect, “wrinkle-free” brand advertising, guaranteeing a high recognition value.

Thanks to the firm, flat surface of the outer shell, the advertising message can be swapped as required within the space of a minute. The transparent plastic cover is detachable for user-friendly insertion of the advertising banner, and holds it firmly in place while protecting it from the weather.

The advertising space is measuring 76 x 39.5 cm.


The outer shell of the Drink Man EASY is made from a highly robust, washable tarpaulin.

Four rubber feet ensure good stability and generally prevent the body of the unit from coming into contact with the ground.

EPP block

The heart of the Drink Man is the EPP foam block. It provides save positioning of the components and easy handling.

From left

Cup chute, tank compartment, CO2 bottle holder and dispensing tap inlet tube. Secure, upright positioning of the CO2 bottle with the mounted stainless steel gas regulator is essential to ensure the proper functioning of these components and safe operation. The central tank compartment allows quick and EASY insertion and removal of the tank with one hand. The tank can also be rotated for speedier connection with the tubes.

Once the unit has been refilled, you simply close the cover and zip it up, thus protecting the mechanism and cups from accidental removal or contamination.

Cup dispenser

The integrated cup dispenser takes cups up to a max. diameter of 88 mm.


The frame of the Drink Man EASY ensures a high level of functionality and carrying comfort.

Rubber membranes

Rubber membranes control the separating mechanism of the cup dispenser. These are available with various aperture sizes and can be changed as needed. They ensure secure, firm support as well as EASY removal of the cups. Maximum cup diameter approx. 88 mm.

Insulated dispensing tap with compensator tap

The plug-in couplings and connections can be changed as required without the need for tools. The hose has an outer diameter of 8 millimetres and an inner diameter of 4 millimetres.

Aluminium CO2 bottle

The aluminium CO2 bottle has a capacity of 450 grams. Enough to dispense approx. 60 ltr. of carbonated beverage. 

The combined weight of the gas regulator and full gas bottle is approx 1.4 kilograms.

Quick change procedure

Stainless steel gas regulator with safety valve, pressure gauge (3 bar) and hose outlet (8 mm outer diameter). Connects to CO2 bottle via a trapezoidal thread. No tools required.


The Drink Man EASY comes with a flag holding facility.