Hawker tray Vendor King

The Vendor King, which has been part of our product range since 2007, is the best-selling vendor tray from Cup Service GmbH. As of 2013, we have therefore added a slightly larger version which can also accommodate gastronorm (GN) components for example (see Vendor King MAXI).

The thermoformed ABS plastic tray is deep-drawn in one piece, so there are no seams or beading, etc., where dirt can collect, e.g. when selling ready-poured drinks or loose snacks.

Cleaning and hygiene: simply wipe clean, then dry – that's all there is to it!

In this respect, the Vendor King has major advantages over textile vendor trays, for instance, which quickly become apparent in practice.

Carrying can be very tiring for your personnel and can affect their response to the product. That's why all Vendor King products are equipped with a padded, breathable back section which distributes the weight evenly and avoids any constriction. The carrying height and strap widths are continuously adjustable. 

Product details

  • Standard colour: BLACK
  • Weight: 1.95 kg   (4,3 lbs)
  • Outer dimensions (L x W x H): 585 x 265 x 135 mm   (23 x 10,5 x 5,3 inches)
  • Advertisement area:  620 x 115 mm   (25,3 x 4,5 inches)
  • Scope of delivery: corpus, carrying device and front advertisement pocket

Prices (net)

  • Vendor King pure:          € 199.–
  • Inlay:                              €   25.–
  • Set of 5 dividers:            €   25.–
Vendor King inlay 30 / 54

Vendor King inlay 30 / 54, hole diameter 54 mm.

Vendor King inlay 24 / 64

Vendor King inlay 24 / 64, hole diameter 64 mm.

Vendor King inlay 20 / 64

Vendor King inlay 20 / 64, hole diameter 64 mm.

Vendor King inlay 17 / 73

Vendor King inlay 17 / 73, hole diameter 73 mm.

Vendor King inlay 17 / 73 with handle

Vendor King inlay 17 / 73, e. g. for cups with handle, hole diameter 73 mm.

Vendor King inlay 13 / 77

Vendor King inlay 13 / 77, hole diameter 77 mm.

Customised solution

Deep-drawn inlays. This requires the production of a special die (mould). Available in quantities from approx. 30 units upwards, or on request.

Plastic pocket for advertising

The plastic pocket for advertising, along with the tray and carrying frame, is part of the standard Vendor King package.

Highly user-friendly – simply insert your advertising banner into the transparent PVC sleeve and clip it onto the Vendor King.

At the back of the plastic pocket is a zip which can be opened to insert your advertising. 
Zum Einbringen der Werbung befindet sich auf der Rückseite der Folientasche ein Reissverschluß.

Four press studs

The pocket is attached to the body of the tray with four press studs.

Carrying frame

The carrying frame is connected to the Vendor King tray with four carabiners.

Customised solution II

Product placement

"product placement"

Professionelles und schlüssiges "product placement" mit kleinem Tablett zum Anreichen.

customised solution III

UEFA football cup 2012

Berentzen 2014

Vendor King, Berentzen 2014


left Vendor King MAXI - right Vendor King

Further option

As a further option for organising the interior, we offer this set of dividers consisting of five plastic plates.

Vendor King with set of dividers
Verklebung der Frontfläche möglich (copy 1)

In diesem Fall wurden die vier Druckknöpfe für die Anbringung der Folientasche bei der Fertigung weggelassen. Die Frontfläche wurde anschließend beklebt.