Drink Man Cans & Bottles - Insulated beverage backpack

For cans and plastic bottles, we developed a special backpack. It can be quickly put into action – just insert the chilled cans and / or bottles in the individually adjustable compartments and you are ready to sell.


  • Insulated beverage backpack
  • Two individually adjustable compartments
  • One dispensing drawer on each side for up to two different products
  • Big advertising space on three sides
  • Optional cup dispenser available

Price per unit net: EUR 249.-

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Inexpensive, multi-purpose, with quick and easy preparation – perfect for every big event.
The DRINK MAN Can’s & Bottles was developed to easily distribute all pre-filled beverages. Whether you use it for slim energy drink cans, for plastic bottles, or for standard cans – nearly all will fit. With the DRINK MAN Can’s & Bottles, you can act quickly and immediately to meet sudden demand. Just fill the individually adjusted, insulated compartments with chilled cans and bottles and you are ready to sell. This system allows you to return any unsold beverages back to cold storage to be sold at the next event.

Carrying System / Backpack
The ergonomic carrying system provides maximal carrying comfort, with cushioned hip belt and shoulder straps that are individually adjustable to each different user. The thermally insulated backpack is split into two chambers which can be divided into two parts, allowing for four adjustable compartments. Dispensing drawers on both sides can be adjusted to the products used in the DRINK MAN Can’s & Bottles.

Cup Dispenser / optional
If the venue does not allow you to pass on cans and bottles directly to the customer, we offer an optional cup dispenser (EUR 60.-) which is placed on the left side of the DRINK MAN Can’s & Bottles. This dispenser, utilizing the rubber-lip system, can dispense a large variety of different-sized cups.

Advertising Area
The three advertising spaces on the DRINK MAN Can’s & Bottles are guaranteed to attract attention. The ad space is on the back (50 x 29 cm) and on two sides (each 38 x 29 cm). Changing the product message is incredibly simple and your ad is protected by clear plastic on all sides. In addition to these large advertisements, two flags can also be mounted to the DRINK MAN Can’s & Bottles.